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We like to get to know our customers so we can serve you better.  Tell us your company name, size, and possibly what you want Quick Decline to do for you.  We are confident Quick Decline will solve your problems.  We want to make sure we are there to help you do that.  Are you just one guy?  You are not alone.  You represent a significant piece of our client base.  We would still like to hear about you and your needs.  We are a Houston based company and enjoy making house calls.  Please let us know if you want an in-house demo or training session.  

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QuickDecline was written by petroleum engineers as a tool to make quick and easy decisions.  The product will save significant man hours over traditional decline curve analysis software.  PLS also offers a number of other tools for the busy oil and gas professionals including Core Reports, Regional Drilling Reports, M&A content, docFinder, OpFinder, PetroWire and much more.  Finally, PLS also offers paid training for not only QuickDecline but other powerful tools.

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