Little Tools That Make Your Life Easier


  • Excel Import Template v1

    •  Use this excel template to load in wells and their production
    • This is mainly used for customers without a production data provider
  • Quick Decline Database Tableau Viewer

    •  Connect this Tableau file to your Quick Decline project
    • Production visualizations, statistical charts, eur bubble maps, and more
  • Texas Production Query
    •  Easily download your Texas well’s production.
    • Copy/Pastes directly into Quick Decline.
  • Strip Deck Generator
    • Grabs the latest strip deck.
    • Easy Copy/Paste into Quick Decline.
  • SQLiteStudio
    • Unlock your Quick Decline project from the backend.
    • Are you a power user?  You are in the right place.
  • Preferred WMS Servers for Quick Decline Map
    • Master list for the United States 
    • http://nowcoast.noaa.gov/arcgis/services/nowcoast/radar_meteo_imagery_nexrad_time/MapServer/WMSServer?request=GetCapabilities&service=WMS
    • http://nowcoast.noaa.gov/arcgis/services/nowcoast/forecast_meteoceanhydro_sfc_ndfd_time/MapServer/WMSServer?request=GetCapabilities&service=WMS
    • http://services.nationalmap.gov/arcgis/services/SmallScale1Million/SmallScaleBoundariesWMS/MapServer/WMSServer?request=GetCapabilities&service=WMS
    • http://basemap.nationalmap.gov/arcgis/services/USGSTopo/MapServer/WMSServer?request=GetCapabilities&service=WMS
    • http://nowcoast.noaa.gov/arcgis/services/nowcoast/wwa_meteoceanhydro_longduration_hazards_time/MapServer/WMSServer?request=GetCapabilities&service=WMS
    • http://nowcoast.noaa.gov/arcgis/services/nowcoast/analysis_meteohydro_sfc_qpe_time/MapServer/WMSServer?request=GetCapabilities&service=WMS
    • http://mrdata.usgs.gov/services/kb?request=GetCapabilities&service=WMS&version=1.1.1


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